In the Name of Love 1

February 14th is a day of candy, flowers, candle lit dinners, and expressing one’s love to another. Thanks to Saint Valentine, this holiday has originated from a day of tribulation and evolved into a day of adoration. Valentine’s day is an origin of the Roman fertility celebration called Lupercalia. Lupercalia […]

The language of Clothes

Just like food and shelter, clothing is a necessity in everyday life. Statistics show that Americans spend an average of 81 dollars daily on clothing alone. As the saying goes, “You can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears.” So the question often comes up do […]

Textile Industry: increasing? or decreasing?

    Over the past 30 years the U.S textiles and apparel industry has become the leading industry when it comes to hi tech innovations. This industry is a major contributor in the U.S economy. With over $237 billion in capital expenditures, the textile industry has provided stabilized careers for […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

As humans our undying need to achieve perfection has been dated back to ancient civilization when archeologists discovered the first signs of the use of makeup. Men and Women of Egypt would use unguent to keep their skin hydrated while women would blacken their lashes and lids with kohl and […]

Rapunzal, Rapunzal take pride in your crown

Whether you have long hair, short hair, blue hair or green hair, your hair is your crown. A crown that not only has grown as an industry, but also has grown in the fashion industry. Hair has been of importance since ancient BC, where archeologists have found early signs of […]

Nails are a Girl’s best friend 1

Fashion has never been just about clothes, but also hairstyles, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and even nails. With the constant change of fashion, nails are becoming an epidemic in the fashion world. There are design competition shows about nails such as Oxygen’s hit television series Nail’D It, magazines dedicated to just […]