Holiday Shopping

In the Name of Love 1

February 14th is a day of candy, flowers, candle lit dinners, and expressing one’s love to another. Thanks to Saint Valentine, this holiday has originated from a day of tribulation and evolved into a day of adoration. Valentine’s day is an origin of the Roman fertility celebration called Lupercalia. Lupercalia […]

Jingle Bells, Shop them Sales!

It’s time to start counting down the days, only 4 days of shopping left until Christmas day. While this is the season for giving lets also be mindful of spending within a budget. According to consumer statistics the average spending of US currency on Christmas gifts have gone up 86.7% […]

Shop for the Colors of the Wind

Tis the season for a shopping spree! Fall is here and its time to paint your closet with festive colors. The colors of the season such as: plums, burnt orange, darker shades of red, and browns have been called “power colors” in the business world according to Casual Power. “I […]

Hallo-Coming 1

Halloween isn’t just for the adolescent this season, several universities in the Raleigh-Durham area such as: North Carolina State and North Carolina Central University, are celebrating the homecoming of 2015. The hottest clubs in the Raleigh-Durham area are throwing Halloween Homecoming parties for this night of reunion and fun, so […]