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The runway is taken over by women in stiletto pumps and designer garments; but the men behind the garments have taken over the world of fashion. Contrary to common belief, the industry geared towards a woman’s manifestation is not dominated by women.

According to Business Insider’s article of the top 12 richest in the fashion industry, they did a role call of Bernard Arnault, Amancio Ortega, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani just to name a few. Of those top 12 only two mentioned were women and the rest were men. The dominance of men in the fashion industry today is not a far stretch from where fashion started.

One of the first designers widely recognized back in the 19th century was Charles Worth, known as the father of couture. He was known for his intricate detail in women’s couture gowns and the founder of House of Worth. Although there were women designers in fashion houses in the 19th century, men were popular for technical structure in their designs while women sewed on buttons and did minor alterations.

What was once referenced as a gender gap in universities is no more. Today, the number of men pursuing degrees in fashion related fields are steadily rising.

“What inspired me to become a fashion designer was my love for designer clothes,” says NC Central fashion student, Tommy Lavel, “I was naturally an artist anyway, I love the fact that clothing and art is one.”

NC local Designer, Tommy Lavel, working on his spring line of clothing.

NC local Designer, Tommy Lavel, working on his spring line of clothing.

In the fashion industry men are known for their outrageous art designs while women design more ready-to-wear garments. Female Designers like Chris Lee are breaking barriers and designing men’s wear to show the true equality in fashion.


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