Rip the Runway Wrapped in a Blanket 3

Tis the season for confusing weather! Have you ever walked outside and you were either under dressed or over dressed for the weather? Well, you are not alone this is common during the months of fall. It is too cold for a tank top, but too hot for a peacoat. So what is a girl to do? Let’s make a poncho, light weight and a great addition to your wardrobe for the fall.

1. Cut a 26X26 square out of a fabric of your choice.
2. Fold the square in half.
3. Identify the middl of the folded line and cut out a half circle. (This will be your head opening.)
4. Unfold your square and just like that you have a poncho!

To give your poncho a professional look make sure your raw cut edges are finished off by sewing on a bias strip or using iron on hem tape. Fashionistas if you are feeling really creative add pockets with these 3 easy steps.

1. Cut out two triangles
2. Match the point of the triangle and the point of your poncho
3. Sew along the edge of the triangle leaving an opening for functional pockets.

Grab your poncho and catwalk your way through fall.

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