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Fashion has never been just about clothes, but also hairstyles, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and even nails. With the constant change of fashion, nails are becoming an epidemic in the fashion world. There are design competition shows about nails such as Oxygen’s hit television series Nail’D It, magazines dedicated to just nails, and designers featured in fashion week have gone as far as incorporating nails as accessories to their designs.

The History of nails date all the way back to ancient Egypt when women would use bone, ivory, or gold to display long fake nails to exhibit their high ranking status. Later in the 1950’s a dentist by the name of Frederick Slack made an artificial nail made of dental acrylics to mend his broken fingernail. The powder and liquid acrylic system we use today was made by dentist, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom in the late 1970’s. Dr. Nordstrom is also the founder of the CND brand that we are familiar with today.

According to the nail industry statistics, the record-breaking growth in nail services in the United States is $7.47 Billion with the dominance of gel polish and nail art. There are approximately 2.5 million Google searches for nail art ideas that occur monthly.

“ I couldn’t tell you how long I spend designing one nail with all types of bling, 3d design, and color,” says part time nail technician, Alethea Moton.

Nail art has become so complex over the years that 13% of nail salons have gone away with simple design techniques such as airbrush and added services which include one stroke nail art, ombre nail art, 3D nail art, and much more. The want for eccentric nails didn’t happen over night, with the help of social media and celebrities nail art is excelling.

“I am constantly doing research to find my next nail design, this is a 2 week commitment and it must be taken seriously,” says North Carolina Central University Senior, Tierra Allen.

The market for nails are on a path of dominant takeover in the fashion world due to the fact that consumers can now achieve a well manicured hand and design without stepping foot into a nail salon. Brands such as OPI and Jamberry offer nail decals, which is a basic sticker application, that comes in a variety of color and designs.

To keep up with the current nail trend in the fashion industry visit Nail Magazine.

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