Jingle Bells, Shop them Sales!

It’s time to start counting down the days, only 4 days of shopping left until Christmas day. While this is the season for giving lets also be mindful of spending within a budget. According to consumer statistics the average spending of US currency on Christmas gifts have gone up 86.7% […]

Visual Language

We all have had a time where intentions are to run into the mall for one item and end up walking into another store. Why is that? Does the mannequin’s outfit in the window catch your eye or is it the table of faux leather leggings in the front of […]

I Don’t Want No Scrubs

Whenever you watch old movies or shows such as: I Love Lucy, MASH, or High Anxiety, they all have a depiction of nurses as women dressed in all white stockings, thick soled flats, knee length starch pressed dress, topped with a nursing cap designed with a red cross. According to […]

Is it Retail Therapy or an Addiction?

Psychologists refer to self-esteem as a reflection of a person’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. Self-esteem is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude of oneself. It’s no secret that shopping is used as a crutch for many occasions weather its celebratory or […]

Shop for the Colors of the Wind

Tis the season for a shopping spree! Fall is here and its time to paint your closet with festive colors. The colors of the season such as: plums, burnt orange, darker shades of red, and browns have been called “power colors” in the business world according to Casual Power. “I […]

Hallo-Coming 1

Halloween isn’t just for the adolescent this season, several universities in the Raleigh-Durham area such as: North Carolina State and North Carolina Central University, are celebrating the homecoming of 2015. The hottest clubs in the Raleigh-Durham area are throwing Halloween Homecoming parties for this night of reunion and fun, so […]

She’s Sew Chic: The Beginning of The Jasmine Ivey 2

Three design competitions down, many more to come. When it comes to a needle and thread 22 Year old Jasmine Ivey is no stranger to the art of fashion design. Born in Roanoke Rapids, NC; Jasmine Ivey was a persistent young woman. Once she discovered her love of fashion and […]

Durham recognizes culture through art form

For the first time ever in the Triangle area African culture was brought to Durham, NC through fashion and music. On the evening of Saturday, October 17 the Coming to America Africa Explosion fashion show was held at the CAARE, INC building. Nine local designers showcased their rendition of African […]

Coming to America: Africa Explosion Fashion Show 1

Dance to the beat of the djembe drums as the aroma of African inspired cuisines permeate the air. The first ever “Coming to America” African inspired fashion show will be held at the CAARE, Inc. building in Durham, NC on Saturday, October 17th, 7pm-10pm. Businesswomen and entrepreneurs Natalie Dawn and […]

Rip the Runway Wrapped in a Blanket 3

Tis the season for confusing weather! Have you ever walked outside and you were either under dressed or over dressed for the weather? Well, you are not alone this is common during the months of fall. It is too cold for a tank top, but too hot for a peacoat. […]